Male bodybuilders have no choice but to be ripped, muscled-up and in most cases, bulky. When it comes to females, however, this is not always the most sought after look. But that’s ok. If you are female, you can avoid looking butch provided you approach the situation correctly. There is a little bit of leg work involved, but it’s nothing you shouldn’t be able to handle.

1 – Watch your weights.

True, you need to tax your muscles hard to get a response and make them grow. But you also don’t want to get too big or you will look butch.

Focus more on proper technique and using weights that are on the moderate side. If you go really heavy, you risk getting too bulky.

Besides, your overall goal is to get incredible definition, which can definitely be achieved with lighter weights. Your muscles don’t know the difference anyway. All they know is if they are screaming for mercy or not. Make them scream for mercy with moderate resistance and they will still get defined without making you look butch.

2 – Don’t do steroids

When you take steroids, you might be able to pack on a heroic amount of muscle, but it’s not worth it in the end. You also develop manly characteristics like a square jaw, deep voice and hair growth in places you don’t want it. All of this combined together will certainly make you look butch.

Avoid the steroids, focus on working hard, and you’ll be fine. Plus, there are plenty of supplements available that can give you energy, speed your recoveries and boost your definition. Stick with those to maintain lean muscle mass, which is what your goal should be anyway.

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3 – Eat appropriately

Male bodybuilders often consume up to 5,000 calories a day. They’re also the size of Mount St. Helen. The bottom line is, eat enough food to fuel your workouts, but don’t go beyond that. Stick with the basics too. There is never any need to go high on one macronutrient and low on another.

Balance is always the best approach. You need protein for muscle recovery, carbs for energy and fat for hormone production and joint function. Choose quality foods like lean meats, eggs, fish, whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables.

4 – Wear a hair tie when training

This may not be what you think it is. Instead of hacking your hair off to a short length, keep it long and either pull it back when training or wear a tie. One of the main reasons you can look butch with bodybuilding is if you have really short hair.

As long as you keep it out of your face, go with the long style. And when you go out at night or during the day, style it like a woman. No one will ever accuse you of being butch then.


With the right attention to detail and steps, you can be a successful bodybuilder and woman at the same time. Plus, you now know what to do and what to avoid to prevent yourself from looking butch. All that’s left to do is put your plan into motion.

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