4 Things All Female Bodybuilders Should Do To Avoid Becoming Butch

Male bodybuilders have no choice but to be ripped, muscled-up and in most cases, bulky. When it comes to females, however, this is not always the most sought after look. But that’s ok. If you are female, you can avoid looking butch provided you approach the situation correctly. There is a little bit of leg […]

These 5 dumbbell moves will tone your whole body

If you don’t have gym membership, it’s not the end of the world. Working out from home can be just as rewarding, and definitely more convenient than driving to the closest facility. Using nothing but the weight of your body, you can actually build a very decent physique. But, if you also have dumbbells, the […]

Bodybuilding Injury? Why Rest Is Not The Answer

Let’s face facts: injuries suck. There’s really no good to come of an injury if you’re a fitness enthusiast. It means forced time off, depression cause you can’t train, and as most athletes fear, potential weight gain while you barely get off your ass. But should you even really be resting? While the common notion […]