What Is My Body Type and Can I Train for It?

Like a lot of us, there’s a good chance you learned about body types in a junior high health class. At some point during Ol’ Coach McCracken’s begrudging M/W/F obligation to trade the gym floor for the chalkboard, he probably introduced his young and impressionable charges to a classification system of three somatotypes. And, on the […]

Here Are the Best Running Trails in the US

Maybe you’re ready to pack your bags and explore the great outdoors — and a running trail with jaw-dropping scenery is the perfect excuse to book that vacation. Or maybe you just need a break from dodging cars on busy streets and want to find a quiet running trail near you. Either way, the U.S. […]

4-Ingredient Garlic Shrimp With Zucchini Noodles

Pasta is the perfect comfort food, but it also packs hefty dose of carbs. And even though carbs are not the enemyand can seamlessly work into a healthy eating plan, sometimes you want might enjoy a dish that’s lighter, but still has all the same flavor of your favorite pasta dish. The solution? Zoodles! AKA, […]

Is a Paleo Vegan Diet Possible?

To anyone familiar with both a Paleo diet and a vegan diet, the phrase “Paleo vegan diet” probably sounds a bit like an oxymoron. A Paleo diet bring to mind meat, meat, and more meat, while vegans shun not just meat, but all animal products entirely. For even more of a contradiction, the Paleo diet forgoes grains, which are […]

Are You Making These Post-Workout Nutrition Mistakes?

What should you eat immediately after a workout? Ask five different people and you’ll get five different answers — and it’s hard to know who’s giving good advice and who really doesn’t have a clue. With so much conflicting information out there about post-workout nutrition, it’s no wonder nutrition experts see people making the same […]

Strawberry Parfait with Balsamic Vinegar

Think about one of the most iconic food pairings out there: peanut butter and chocolate. The combination of both sweet and savory elements makes this duo completely irresistible. And there are so many ways you can capture this dueling flavor profile! So we riffed off of this idea and created a strawberry parfait recipe with […]

Do Sore Muscles Equal a Good Workout?

When you’re a fitness junkie, sore muscles may feel like a badge of honor. After all, when friends and co-workers ask why you groan every time you sit down, you get to tell them you crushed a tough HIIT session, or that you nailed a squat PR during leg day. But aside from bragging rights, do sore muscles actually benefit […]

No, You Can’t Turn Fat Into Muscle

Aside from the erroneous concept of spot reduction, nothing might make fitness professionals cringe more than the suggestion that you can turn fat into muscle. While diet and exercise are powerful tools for health and wellbeing, making this physiological leap is only possible with, say, sorcery or witchcraft. Generally speaking, “one type of tissue cannot convert […]

How to Get Back In Shape: 8 Tips to Help You Start Working Out Again

Sticking to a regular exercise routine can be challenging, even in the best of circumstances. But when life gets busy or if you happen to get injured, it’s all too easy to fall out of the habit. One week off turns into two, and before you know it your impressive fitness regime — along with all the […]