23 of the Best Vitamin K Foods

Some nutrients and foods get all the attention. We continue to hear about the importance of protein in our diets, we devour oranges at the first sign of sniffles to sneak in extra vitamin C, and we’ve ridden the wave of the green juice, kale, avocado toast, and cauliflower fads. But what about the often under appreciated […]

Is a Paleo Vegan Diet Possible?

To anyone familiar with both a Paleo diet and a vegan diet, the phrase “Paleo vegan diet” probably sounds a bit like an oxymoron. A Paleo diet bring to mind meat, meat, and more meat, while vegans shun not just meat, but all animal products entirely. For even more of a contradiction, the Paleo diet forgoes grains, which are […]

3 Potential Benefits of Chlorophyll, and How to Use It

In some circles, green juice is a daily requirement for good nutrition. But liquefied kale, cucumbers, and celery isn’t the only bottle of liquid green out there. Many juice shops (and some grocery stores) also sell chlorophyll water or chlorophyll shots, which are about as bright green as a drink can come. And many people can’t stop […]

Ground Turkey and Rice with Green Beans

Just because a recipe is basic, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. This ground turkey and rice recipe is a perfect example of that fact. With just four simple ingredients, we figured out to make this quick and easy recipe taste like something someone might think you spent an hour in the kitchen creating. […]

Most Filling Foods: How to Get Full With Fewer Calories!

Hunger can be a tough beast to tame. To effectively lose or maintain weight, restricting your daily calorie intake can often leave you feeling deprived. Add in workouts, which only increase your appetite, and the struggle becomes even real-er. If you’re here to find out which low-calorie foods will fill you up, you’ve clicked wisely. Below are some […]

Here’s How Much Exercise You Need to Burn Off Thanksgiving Foods

It’s the most dietarily-fraught time of the year. Thanksgiving brings all of the delicious meats, cheeses, sauces, gravies, and fat-blanched vegetables you can eat… and all of the accompanying pounds of additional Thanksgiving weight gain and shame along with them. No wonder so many New Year’s resolutions involve losing weight and eating better. It’s why we’re here. […]

This hormonious hash recipe will see your t-levels skyrocket!

Testosterone is the numero uno hormone in a mans body. It stands to reason that you want to honor it and do everything in your power to keep it flowing at full capacity. You may not be able to stop the aging process, but you sure as heck can eat right to stop your testosterone […]