What Is My Body Type and Can I Train for It?

Like a lot of us, there’s a good chance you learned about body types in a junior high health class. At some point during Ol’ Coach McCracken’s begrudging M/W/F obligation to trade the gym floor for the chalkboard, he probably introduced his young and impressionable charges to a classification system of three somatotypes. And, on the […]

Do Sore Muscles Equal a Good Workout?

When you’re a fitness junkie, sore muscles may feel like a badge of honor. After all, when friends and co-workers ask why you groan every time you sit down, you get to tell them you crushed a tough HIIT session, or that you nailed a squat PR during leg day. But aside from bragging rights, do sore muscles actually benefit […]

No, You Can’t Turn Fat Into Muscle

Aside from the erroneous concept of spot reduction, nothing might make fitness professionals cringe more than the suggestion that you can turn fat into muscle. While diet and exercise are powerful tools for health and wellbeing, making this physiological leap is only possible with, say, sorcery or witchcraft. Generally speaking, “one type of tissue cannot convert […]

The Famous Spartan 300 Workout Routine

Many years ago in a land far away, there stood these men called Spartans. They were relatively tall, lean and sculpted like chunks of finely cut marble. Fast forward to today and you have a nation that has gone the complete opposite direction. Overweight and out of shape bodies roam the streets, crowd the airports […]

Why Women Should Lift Heavy Weights Too

Lifting heavy weights isn’t just for men. Women benefit from lifting heavy too. Unfortunately, most women still think that lifting heavy things will make you look like a man. If that’s you, I assure you, unless you are taking heavy doses of anabolic steroids, your feminine qualities will be held intact. Here are 6 health […]

Tightening Your Skin Where Your Moobs Once Lay

You don’t need to be reminded that man boobs, or “moobs,” can cause a battery of problems. Not so much physical, but emotional. But once you rid yourself of this excess bulk, you’re then faced with a less serious but still annoying problem – flabby skin. No need to worry, though. You can tighten this […]