If you want to build muscle fast, there are several things you need to take into consideration. You need to lift weights, refine your diet and learn which supplements will help maximize your gains.

Why supplement? Well, because supplementation can give you that leading edge you won’t get through good diet and exercise alone.

There are thousands of different supplements out there, all promising to bulk you up and get you the gains you’re dreaming of. But how do you know which supplements will help your muscle-building? We spoke to our mega-sized athletes to get the scoop on which supplements really help them get ‘swole.

1 Whey Protein Powder

All protein powders are super convenient to add to your diet plan when you’re training hard. But whey outshines a lot of the others because of its high biological value, which means it digests really well and quickly in your system. This makes it a great addition to your post-workout shake because protein is important to repair any torn muscle fibers.

You’re best off mixing up a shake that contains at least a 2-to-1 ratio of carbs to protein. The carbs are used for restoring glycogen, while the protein kickstarts the muscle recovery process. You can also pack some whey into your smoothies to sneak some extra protein in there. Try blending up some vanilla almond milk, banana, a scoop of whey protein, honey and a handful of blueberries for a truly tasty post-workout treat.

2 Maca

Over time, your body starts to break down when you put it through vigorous workouts. This can end up causing adrenal fatigue, which is where your adrenal glands don’t produce enough of your essential hormones, like testosterone and growth hormone. When you suffer from adrenal fatigue, it can really sap your energy levels and ruin your training. Luckily, maca can help.

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Maca is a root that is manufactured into a powder or liquid. The main purpose of this supplement is to promote adrenal function. By taking it, your t-levels and growth hormone levels will be up to par and you’ll build muscle faster.

As an added benefit, maca helps speed up recoveries, increase energy levels, heighten brain function and boost your sex drive.

3 Glutamine

In the world of muscle building, the rate at which you recover is equally as important as the amount of weight you bench press. You actually build muscle when you are in recovery mode. So why wouldn’t you want to take full advantage of that?

The best way to do this is by including glutamine in your regimen. This white powder helps speed up your recovery, and as an added benefit, it also promotes intestinal health and boosts immunity. By having a short recovery time, healthy gut and a good immune system.

One last thing

Yes, this is supposed to be 3 supplements to build muscle fast, but it’s your lucky day. You’re going to get a bonus honorable mention, and it’s good old chocolate milk. Why? Because it helps replenish electrolytes and it has a perfect balance of protein, carbs and fat. This is all important, especially if you are sweating and working out at a high intensity.

Probably a best case scenario would be to make a post-workout smoothie with chocolate milk, glutamine and whey protein all combined together.

Use supplements, BUILD muscle

Now you know how to build muscle with supplements, plus you learned how to use chocolate milk to your advantage. There’s nothing left for you to do except go and get swole. Just make sure that you never abuse the supplements you take. Always use them as directed.

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