A handful of nuts is one of the healthiest and most convenient grab-and go snacks. They can be easily pre-portioned into 100-calorie snackable servings, tossed into a bag, stored in your desk at work, snuck into a movie theater, and eaten whenever the hangry monster threatens to strike.

Unlike some not-so-nutritious crunchy snacks (we’re looking at you, potato chips), nuts are rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fats — all of which help sustain a feeling of satiety. Nuts have plenty of health benefits, too, including helping to prevent obesity.

But don’t go nuts over nuts just yet. All varieties of nuts are high in calories, so it’s easy to accidentally overdo it on your crunchy afternoon snack. Plus, nuts are often roasted in oil or smothered in salt or sugar, which can significantly increase the fat, calories, and sodium in each serving and nullify any nutritional benefits they might have. Opt for raw or dry-roasted, unsalted nuts when you’re trying to make the healthiest snack choice.

To help you recognize what a healthy portion of nuts looks like and avoid consuming more calories than expected, we created this handy visual guide that shows what 100 calories of different types of nuts looks like.

Ok, now you can go nuts!

How Many Walnuts Is 100 Calories?

8 walnut halves = 105 calories

How Many Almonds Is 100 Calories?

14 almonds = 98 kcal

How Many Cashews Is 100 Calories?

10 cashews = 94 calories

How Many Pistachios Is 100 Calories?

25 pistachios = 100 calories

How Many Macadamias Is 100 Calories?

6 macadamias = 102 calories

How Many Pecans Is 100 Calories?

10 pecans = 103 calories

How Many Pine Nuts Is 100 Calories?

90 pine nuts = 102 calories

How Many Brazil Nuts Is 100 Calories?

3 brazil nuts = 99 calories

How Many Peanuts Is 100 Calories?

17 peanuts = 100 calories

How Many Hazelnuts Is 100 Calories?

11 hazelnuts = 97 calories

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