You can call them man boobs, moobs or male breasts, but the underlying idea is still the same – excessive flab in the pectoral region. Nothing about this physical feature is fun or confidence-boosting. If you have them, it doesn’t mean you are an idiot or unworthy to live. But you know how frustrating it can be.


Uncommon to popular belief, laziness is not the only reason for moobs to develop. Sure, sitting around with a big bowl of ice cream on your lap can be a big contributor to fat gain and moobs, but it’s not the only cause. Are you familiar with a condition known as gynecomastia? Well, it’s also a culprit.

Gynecomastia is the scientific definition of man boobs, and age is a big factor. As you get older, your hormones have a tendency to get off balance. Boys going through puberty for example, are prone to develop breasts, as are men in the 50-plus category. Once this happens, boobs are soon to follow.


You are probably familiar with menopause that women go through when the balance of estrogen and testosterone is off. Well, although it is not officially used as a medical term, andropause would be the male equivalent.

In this case, testosterone levels slowly decline, which causes older men to experience symptoms like lethargy, low sex drive, excess weight gain and low libido. As an added insult, the tissue in the chest area becomes more “womanly” so to speak, and the appearance of breasts can occur.

Basically, andropause and gynecomastia are one and the same, except it only occurs in older men, not young boys.

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Another possible cause is the use of anabolic steroids. This happens because of the effect they have on hormones. Any time hormones fluctuate, there is a better than average chance that moobs can develop.

Lifestyle Solution

Judging by what you’ve read so far, something obvious should come to mind as a possible remedy. That would be weight loss and weight training. But don’t be naïve enough to believe you can spot reduce your man boobs by doing a ton of bench presses. That only happens in the movies.

You need to focus your efforts on overall weight loss through calorie restriction, quality eating and a solid exercise plan.

To put this into even better perspective, you are best served eating multiple balanced meals a day, drinking plenty of water and doing both weight training and cardio. And in your workouts, focus on targeting your chest from multiple angles to recruit the maximum amount of muscle fiber. Do exercises like incline presses, flat bench press, decline presses and flys.

Don’t neglect the rest of your body either. Muscle in general is metabolically active tissue. The more you pack on, the more calories you will burn at rest. Do you see the big picture? Your body will then be more apt to burn fat as a whole and your chest will reap the rewards.

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